Based in Melbourne Australia, Maria is a designer & artist whose practice involves lots of play and banana bread. She enjoys challenging traditional conventions and talking in the third person.

Currently: Freelancing
Previous: Designer at Raft, Web development course at Academy Xi, Junior designer at Today, Internship at Ignite Online


A luxurious rooftop bar, lounge and nightclub in the affluent area of South Yarra in Melbourne.

Studio: Raft
Year: 2022
3D Imagery: Jonathan Puc

Emerson header
Emerson Poster
Sakura Brand
Emerson Menu

Gary Thomas

A well-established and trusted Melbourne-based accountant who offers specialist tax advice on complex issues.

Studio: Hours After
Year: 2023

Gary Header
Gary Brand
Gary Brand

Christian Wagstaff

Lettering and website design for an iconic Australian creative director and performer, Christian Wagstaff.

Studio: Raft
Year: 2021

Christian Wagstaff Lettering

Pearl Chablis & Oyster Bar

An intimate bar in the inner city of Melbourne that celebrates the combination of two timeless delicacies.

Studio: Raft
In collaboration with: Liam Farrell
Year: 2021

Pearl Header


A re-brand of a healthy fast food salad franchise placing an emphasis on their seasonal produce and speedy service.

Studio: Raft
Year: 2022

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Greenstreat messaging
Greenstreat Patterns
Greenstreat Poster

St Kilda Film Festival 2022

Campaign and event branding for St Kilda Film festival with the theme "Shift Your Focus".

Studio: Raft
Year: 2022